A Handweaver's Pattern Book

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A Handweaver's Pattern Book

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The core of any weaver's library would be incomplete without this book. It contains patterns for 4-harness weaves such as Summer & Winter, Crackle, Swedish Lace, Overshot, Huck, M's & O's, and Twill. The draft, tie-up and treadling are given for each pattern and its variations, with a photograph of a swatch for each pattern described. All told, there are 345 treadling directions, well-illustrated with photographs of over 1200 swatches. This is a valuable reference book.

By: Marguerite P. Davison
ISBN-13: 9780960317202
ISBN-10: 0960317201
Cover: Hardcover
Size: 8" x 11"
Price: $40.00

SKU: 18307