Alternative Surfaces in Jewelry

Alternative Surfaces in Jewelry | Jewelry

Alternative Surfaces in Jewelry

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Students will learn a variety of unique surfaces using patinas, embossing, and colored pencils and torch fire enameling. Students will also incorporate found items into the jewelry, allowing the pieces to become narrative and personal. A variety of cold connections and weaving techniques will be used instead of soldering to connect and create the pieces. Students will use copper and some silver sheet metal for accent and a variety of found objects to construct their pieces.

Students are encouraged to bring their budding ideas, and small personal found objects to discover the endless options for assembling and connecting. The goal is to find unique designs and approaches and use personal expression to create the jewelry during the week. Students will have a vast number of new and alternative approaches to surface and construction.

Date & Time:

September 14th - 16th, Sat-Mon

CLASS TIME: 10am - 4pm


Mary Hettmansperger


$295 + $65 Materials