Introduction to Sprang Weaving

Introduction to Sprang Weaving | Weaving

Introduction to Sprang Weaving

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Sprang is an ancient textile method, dating as far back as the Bronze Age. In evidence among the ancient Persians, Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, some scholars suggest it was the method used to create the vertical striped leggings of Medieval times. Sprang was known across Europe until the time of the Industrial Revolution. It produces textiles with amazing elasticity. Even more intriguing, you get an amazing two rows of cloth for every one row of work.

Participants begin with a basic stitch, how to hold the threads, how to manipulate them to create cloth. We also explore variations, including plain stitch, lace, cables, and twining. Irregularities (mistakes) are viewed as an opening into diverse decorative elements. Pattern reading and pattern writing are introduced as a vehicle to understand and record structure. Participants will learn two different manners of warping: flat warp and circular warp. We will discuss shaping techniques required to create diverse garments: bonnets, bags, vests, mittens, socks, leggings, as well as shawls and sashes. Participants leave with several items of their own making, and a frame warped for a future project.

Date & Time:

Tuesday-Thursday, February 27, 28, and March 1

CLASS TIME: 10 am - 4 pm


Carol James


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