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Collapse Weave

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Collapse cloth—cloth that, when removed from the loom and washed, takes on an entirely different appearance as the threads draw up and create puckers—is the subject of this crafter's companion. Combinations of various weaving techniques are presented alongside photos and diagrams, providing clear instructions for sewing scarves, wraps, tops, and harem-style pants made from this fluid and unusual cloth. Additional chapters describe in detail how to warp the loom and add special effects such as double weave, supplementary warps, spaced cloth, overshot, and deflected double weave. Tips for those who want to spin their own yarn for collapse projects are also included.

Full title: Collapse Weave: Creating Three-Dimensional Cloth
By: Anne Field
ISBN-13: 9781570764042
ISBN-10: 1570764042
Pages: 150
Size: 7'' X 9 1/2''
Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books
Price: $29.95

SKU: 23309