Color Works for Spinners

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Color Works for Spinners

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Learn simple tricks to create your own unique fiber colors with this 2-disc set.

There’s magic in color, but creating wonderful color for spinning and felting is what you might call “practical” magic. Start with colored fiber – natural or dyed. Add a blending tool (a drum carder is Deb’s choice). Mix and play using some simple, basic color principles – and there’s no limit to the possibilities. With Deb’s relaxed, enthusiastic guidance, you’ll learn:

  *Basic blending techniques
  *The language of color, which is the key to successful blending
  *Working with hue, value, and saturation
  *A down-to-earth approach to almost-perfect color matching
  *Working with color harmonies
  *Combining multiple blended batts
  *And much more.

Watching the colors roll off Deb’s drum carder is endlessly fascinating, and every new exercise suggests a hundred more that you’ll want to try for yourself. It’s an endless adventure.

Full title: Color Works for Spinners: Simple Tools and Tricks for Making the Most Beautiful Colors In the World
By: Deb Menz
Stock#: 25609
ISBN-13: 9781596684676
ISBN-10: 1596684674
Publisher: Interweave Press
Price: $34.95