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Combing Fiber

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Wool combing is a little alarming to the novice – swinging heavy implements with long, needle-sharp teeth can be hazardous. Yet this method of preparation produces the most wonderfully organized, fluffy, silky fiber imaginable. In this workshop, Robin Russo covers the basics and much, much more.

  *You’ll see a wide range of tools in action, from simple pet combs to hand-held Viking combs, to Russian paddle combs, to classic English combs.
  *You’ll learn that combing is perfect for cleaning out guard hairs and debris, for blending fibers of similar length, and for true worsted spinning.
  *You’ll see how different combs are appropriate for different fibers, and how to choose the kind that’s best for you.
  *You’ll learn important guidelines for safety and for equipment care and maintenance.
  *And you’ll hear intriguing stories of wool combing in history, from martyred saints to craftsmen’s guilds.

Full title: Combing Fiber: How to Create Splendid Tops for All Your Spinning Needs
By: Robin Russo
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ISBN-13: 9781596686793
ISBN-10: 1596686790
Publisher: Interweave Press
Price: $19.95