Designing a Tapestry and Making it Happen

Designing a Tapestry and Making it Happen | Weaving

Designing a Tapestry and Making it Happen

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How to design a tapestry from start to finish and what you need to pull it off. This is all about designing tapestry, deciding how it will be woven and the techniques you want to use to make it happen, colour choices, colour blending, etc. Itís my process for designing tapestries and making it happen. How do you make colour choices? What techniques can you use to design even if you donít think you have the skills to draw a design? Students will design a tapestry and weave a small sampler of techniques or a small portion of their design. Included is information about weaving lines, vertical and architextual soumack, twining and applying them to a tapestry.

Bring your own loom, pre-warped and ready for class. The materials fee covers handouts and all weft yarns.

Date & Time:

Friday - Sunday, August 17th - 19th

CLASS TIME: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm


Kathe Todd-Hooker


$295 + $25 Materials