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This 4 shaft table loom is collapsible for easy carrying and storage. It is a practical loom for schools, summer camps, occupational therapy and hobbyists.The shafts are operated by the unique side levers of graduated lengths. A 4 shaft loom comes with levers on the right. The selection of the harnesses is easy because the lever tabs are in different colors. This 4 shaft loom can be supplied with a
deeper frame to which additional 4 shaft sections can be added to convert it to 8 or even 12 shafts. All you have to do is assemble the sections as you wish: they are screwed to the frame. Levers for harness frames are permanently situated.

8, or 12 SHAFT LOOM
This Dorothy loom is built with a deeper frame in which you can place 2 or 3 sections of 4 shafts, placing levers either or the right or left hand side, as you wish but usually we alternate, right for the first, left for the second and right for the third.

                                     4 SHAFTS              8 SHAFTS               12 SHAFTS

Weaving Width          15¾"                       15¾"                         15¾"

Number of heddles 400                          400                           400

Loom Width              20¼"                        20¼"                        20¼"

Depth                         20½"                        20½"                        20½"

Height                        17½"                        17½"                        17½"

Net weight                 16 lbs                      25 lbs                      32 lbs



» Steel reed, 12 dents/inch (5dents/cm)
» 400 wire heddles 9½"
» 1 boat shuttle 6122-1000
» 1 reed and heddle hook 6141-7000
» 2 metal lease sticks
» 2 beam sticks with cords
» Instructions
» Book "Warp and Weave"
Price: Price Varies