Double-Faced Tablet Weaving

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Double-Faced Tablet Weaving

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Imagine a 4-shaft loom you can carry in your pocket! With double-faced tablet weaving, you can create reversible bands patterned with geometric patterns, figures, or letters, perfect for use as belts, straps, bookmarks, or to embellish other weaving projects. In this video, John Mullarkey teaches the fundamentals of double-faced tablet weaving, including:

  *Tablet-weaving tools and materials
  *How to read a double-faced draft
  *Warping for double-faced tablet weaving
  *Techniques for successful weaving, including managing twist direction and fixing mistakes
  *Weaving twill patterns with cards
  *How to design and chart your own double-faced patterns

With double-faced tablet weaving, you have the freedom to design patterns as you weave and go wherever your imagination leads you. John makes it easy and fun to explore the wonderful world of tablet-woven bands.

By: John Mullarkey
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ISBN-13: 9781620335925
ISBN-10: 1620335921
Publisher: Interweave Press
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