Glimakra Large Shaft Drawloom

Glimakra Large Shaft Drawloom | Glimakra Drawloom Attachments

Glimakra Large Shaft Drawloom

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The shaft drawloom makes repeat patterns. Behind the shafts of the loom, a second harness holds the pattern shafts. Wooden handles for raising the pattern shafts are placed above the beater on the loom. These handles are attached to cords which go over the top of the drawloom frame, or bridge. When the handles are pulled, shafts in the second harness rise to make a pattern shed.

The large shaft drawloom has a larger bridge and can hold more than 50 pattern shafts.

Includes 20 shafts, 200 weights, and drawcord for 30 shafts. Expandable to 75, 95, or 100 shafts.

Price: $1,950.00