Needle Felting Animals DVD

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Needle Felting Animals DVD

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Create Sculpted Animals Using Needle-Felting Techniques
with Sharon Costello

180 minutes, 2 disc DVD set

Learn how to sculpt delightful animals out of wool! Needlefelting is so addictive, you'll soon have enough animals to populate a zoo. 

All you need is a bit of carded wool, a couple of felting needles, a foam pad, and your imagination, and you're ready to create your own menagerie of felted animals. 

With this video workshop, Sharon Costello will take you step-by-step through the process of making a simple, adorable bunny. Then, she'll walk you through felting on an armature to create a friendly beagle.

Sharon will explain how you can adapt these basic needle felting techniques shown in this video workshop to make any animal you can imagine. With inexpensive supplies, fiber, and your willingness to experiment with shapes and colors, you'll be equipped with all the needle felting techniques and tips you need to venture out on your own to make any felted sculpture you'd like.

Price: $34.99