Neopaque 2.25oz

Neopaque 2.25oz | Jacquard

Neopaque 2.25oz

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Mixing Colors: Jacquard Neopaque comes in 13 and you can easily mix them to make any color you desire.

Creating Pastels: You can mix #589 Neopaque White into any other Neopaque color to create pastels. Try mixing in a little at first and then adding more if you want to increase the effect.

Increasing Transparency: You can increase the transparency of any color by adding #579 Flowable Extender to it. The more you add the more transparent the color will be.

Increasing Transparency & Flowability: You can increase both transparency and flowability by adding up to 25% water. This will give you more of a watercolor effect.

 579 Colorless Extender
 580 Yellow
 581 Gold Yellow
 582 Magenta
 583 Red
 584 Blue
 585 Turquoise
 586 Violet
 587 Green
 588 Black
 589 White
 590 Ochre
 591 Russet
592 Brown

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