Ashford Folding Table Loom

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Ashford Folding Table Loom

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The Ashford table loom is a revolutionary design. One of the most amazing things about this loom is that it completely folds up. The 4 & 8 harness 16" loom fits into a suitcase for easy portability.

There are amazing possibilities with even 4 harness weaving - you’ll be impressed by the scope of this versatile loom!

The loom and stand kit are sold separately

* Folds completely
* The 4 Shaft 16" loom fits into a suitcase for easy portability
* The overhead beater system ensures even beating
* Stretch cords automatically return the beater to a position back against the castle
* Large working area
* 16 harness loom comes in 24" width only

Price: Price Varies