Understanding and Tying the Countermarch

Understanding and Tying the Countermarch | September 2020

Understanding and Tying the Countermarch

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Sounding like a mysterious and complex weaving loom, the countermarch is actually a very simple way to tie up loom treadles. Some counterbalance looms can be tied up countermarch by simply adding a lamm for each shaft.That great shed you have heard about is not a myth, but stories about countermarch may be. We will dispel any thoughts of difficulty in this class on how the countermarch works.

We will discuss basic loom features which make a loom work well. I will explain the characteristics of countermarch looms, along with the basics of the lamm and treadle tie-up. We will discuss the differences between several countermarch tie-ups and the differences found in various countermarch looms. Balancing a countermarch tie-up, the Texsolv tie-up system and evaluating and adjusting sheds will be discussed and demonstrated.

Date & Time:

Friday, September 4th
CLASS TIME: 10am - 4pm


Joanne Hall