Swedish Art Weaves

Swedish Art Weaves | September 2020

Swedish Art Weaves

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The name art weaves comes from the beautiful hangings, runners and pillows, woven by the weavers of Skåna who used a variety of decorative weaves. This workshop will lead you through creating a sampler from five different Swedish Art Weaves: Halvkrabba, an easy to weave laid-in technique; Rölakan tapestry, a double interlock technique; Dukagang, woven as a pick up weave; Monksbelt, woven using half heddle shafts; and Krabba, a technique which is picked up on a closed shed. Instructions will be provided to turn the finished sampler into a bag.

Use of a pre-warped loom is included. There is no need to bring any materials or equipment to this workshop, although it can be nice to have your own bobbin winder.

Date & Time:

Saturday - Monday, September 5th - 7th
CLASS TIME: 10am - 4pm


Joanne Hall


$350 + $40 Materials Fee