Pictorial Weavings of the Navajo

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Pictorial Weavings of the Navajo

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Though early Navajo weaving rarely contained pictorial representations of recognizable objects, this situation has been changing dramatically as we enter the 1990s. That is hardly surprising since any art tends to change with the times - some lead, others follow. This book presents you with a fascinating collection of such pictorial weaving, most - but certainly not all, woven in the last 40 years. They still the "look" of Navajo weaving, but they are certainly different from the designs we are used to. This is not a "how-to" book, but one to show you the direction in which Navajo weaving is going today. 64 pages, over 200 color photographs.

By: Nancy N. Schiffer
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Pages: 64
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
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