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Rug Weaving

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In this comprehensive video workshop, Jason Collingwood includes all the information needed to weave a successful, durable weft-faced rug. He begins with a discussion on tools and materials and then provides step-by-step instructions on how to warp the loom. Along the way he covers beaming for high tension, ensuring neat and durable selvedges and finishing the fringes. You will learn to create blocks of color using the standard threading and then how to change the placement of blocks to place color and alter the design. The method of manipulating the warp threads (shaft switching) allows almost unlimited possibilities of color placement using only a 4-harness loom. Jason demonstrates on a jack-type floor loom to show you how to adapt any loom to shaft switching. As he takes you from warping to finishing, he shows you inspiring examples which he wove with the same threading, treadling, and shuttle sequence.

Full title: Rug Weaving: Block Weaves and Shaft Switching
By: Jason Collingwood
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