Shaped Tapestry

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Shaped Tapestry

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Kathe Todd-Hooker
ISBN-13: 9780975369807
ISBN-10: 0975369806
Category: Weaving
Cover: Spiral Bound Softcover
Pages: 77
Size: 8" X 11"

This book is filled with information about weaving tapestries "outside-the-box." By this we mean, non-rectangular tapestries. Such tapestries can be shaped and lie flat on the wall or they can be 3-dimensional. There are many ways to weave a non-rectangular tapestry: shaping the loom itself, using weave structures that cause the weaving to become shaped, and using scaffolds and other devices to hold areas of warp that are then manipulated into 3-dimensional shapes when the weaving is finished. Naturally, these types of processes require some special finishing techniques, and this book covers those as well. If you wan a truly creative approach to this centuries old medium, this is the book for you.

Price: $30.00