Slots and Holes

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Slots and Holes

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The first time you warp a rigid heddle loom in just 20 minutes, the light goes on. This simple, clever loom is ideal for making cloth fast! For getting a project ready to weave in no time flat! But thereís more to it than that. Master these three ways to warp, and youíll be prepared to weave anything from simple plain fabric to complex stripes or plaids to fine fabrics you thought were only possible on a floor loom.

Liz Gipson has taught scores of people the joys of the rigid heddle, and in the process has developed simple approaches that make sense. Youíll feel comfortable with her down-home explanations and reassured by her common-sense ways of working. Slots and Holes is loaded with tricks and tips and know-how, from why itís good to have an arsenal of scissors, to how to warp with two yarns at once and save half your time.

Full title: Slots and Holes: 3 Ways to Warp Your Rigid-Heddle Loom
By: Liz Gipson
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ISBN-13: 9781596686533
ISBN-10: 1596686537
Publisher: Interweave Press
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