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Spinning for Lace

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SPINNING FOR LACE Tried and True Methods for Spinning Fine Yarns from Merino and More
with Margaret Stove

Create exquisite yarns in no time!

Do you long to spin cobweb-fine threads that are both lively and durable? Meet Margaret Stove. Her methods might seem counterintuitive, but they work! A great advocate of the fine Merinos of her native New Zealand, Margaret is fearless in creating plied blends using silk, angora, qivuit, and more.

Learn how to:

• Handle a fine fleece without felting it
• Wash by the lock with shocking vigor and efficiency 
• Adjust your wheel tension for exquisite delicacy
• Ply a balanced yarn, or tweak your hand positions for plying different fibers together

Plus, see how to choose and sort a fleece, separate spinnable staples, dissolve the grease, manage the staple to avoid felting and maximize durability and “bounce.”  Using high magnifications of the fibers and spun yarns, Margaret explains just how it all works. 

Run Time: 86 minutes
Language: English
Discs: 1
Region: Universal

ISBN-13: 9781596683631 

ISBN-10: 1596683635 

Publisher: Interweave Press 

Price: $19.95