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Summer And Winter

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Price: $130.00


The Summer and Winter weave is a versatile weave structure. Classic Summer and Winter has its own unique treadling methods like, Xs and Os, or Dukagang. On just 4- shafts there are many exciting design possibilities when the Summer and Winter threading is used with the treadling of other weave structures.  Possible treadling includes Atwater-Bronson lace, Overshot, Polychrome, and On Opposites, just to name a few.  The sample produced in class will have 8 distinctly different fabrics, all on the Summer and Winter threading.

Beginning to advanced level weavers will benefit from this workshop.

A 4-shaft loom is required.  Loom preparation instructions and materials list will be provided to students well in advance to the workshop.

Materials fee: $10.00 to be paid directly to the instructor.

Date & Time:

Saturday & Sunday, July 29th & 30th
CLASS TIME: 10am - 4pm


Patty Huffer


$130 + $10 Material Fee