Tapestry, Soumak, and Friends

Tapestry, Soumak, and Friends | Weaving

Tapestry, Soumak, and Friends

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Adding Soumak and friends to tapestry dramatically increases the possibilities of what one can do in tapestry. These friends of tapestry-Soumak, rya, twining, pulled lops chaining and ways to attach objects to tapestry can be used to add texture effects, create fine lines vertically and horizontally, add dramatic effects to flat surfaces and of course solve problems. They also allow for the production of shaped tapestries and double-sided tapestries. Soumak, Friends and family members can also be used on and across any weave structure and on any type of loom.

Bring your own loom, pre-warped and ready for class. The materials fee covers handouts and all weft yarns.

Date & Time:

Friday - Sunday, May 4th - 6th

CLASS TIME: 9:30am - 4:30pm


Kathe Todd-Hooker


$295 + $25 Materials