The Alden Amos Book of Handspinning

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The Alden Amos Book of Handspinning

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Being a Compendium of Information, Advice, and Opinion on the Noble Art and Craft
Alden Amos

Have you ever wanted to get into spinning, learn how to prepare and spin flax, improve your spinning technique, build an heirloom spinning wheel from detailed plans, make ginger beer, know that the yarn you are making will work for what you intend it? This standard textbook of fiber will surely answer your questions. There is more wisdom and information here than is in my entire library's spinning shelf. Don't throw away that shelf just complete it with this marvelous new book. A "Big Book" from a big-hearted spinner. Thanks Alden and Stephanie. The ginger beer will be most refreshing after an afternoon of wool combing.

ISBN-13: 9781883010881
ISBN-10: 1883010888
Category: Spinning
Cover: Hardcover

Price: $39.95