The Ashford Book of Dyeing

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The Ashford Book of Dyeing

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The Ashford Book of Dyeing, Revised Edition
By Ann Milner

From an outline of the basic principles, the author takes a step-by-step approach, describing fabrics, relevant dyes (both natural and chemical) and techniques. For the more experienced dyer, she also provides detailed recipes for named dyes, instructions for advanced techniques, and a clear discussion of percentage dyeing, a system which enables the dyer to recreate exactly a specific shade or color. The author shows how to achieve novelty effects with hot exhaust dyeing and how to use such novel heat sources as the sun and the microwave oven.

ISBN-13: 9780908704880
ISBN-10: 0908704887
Category: Dyeing
Cover: Softcover
Size: 6'' x 9''

Price: $31.50