The Best of Weaver's: Double Weave

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The Best of Weaver's: Double Weave

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The Magic of Double Weave is the fifth in the series of Best of Weaver's books: collections of treasured articles from almost twenty inspiring years of Weaver's magazine and Prairie Wool Companion. This volume explores the amazing feats that can be done by weaving two layers of fabric on the loom--the technique that weavers know as double weave. This collection of beautiful handwoven projects in double weave everything you need to know to: design and weave two layers of cloth, stitch two layers together for backed or two-faced fabrics, connect two layers at one edge for a fabric double the width of the loom, create block designs by exchanging differently colored layers, use overshot patterns as the basis for double-weave designs, and create dimensional, decorated fabrics by stuffing pockets, embellishing surfaces, cutting layers, and more

Full title: The Best of Weaver's: The Magic of Double Weave
By: Madelyn van der Hoot
ISBN-13: 9781933064048
ISBN-10: 1933064048
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 108

Price: $28.95

SKU: 20647