The Mummies of Urumchi

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The Mummies of Urumchi

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The mystery presented in this book will tantalize and haunt everyone who turns its pages. In 2000 B.C., five hundred years before Tutankhamen ruled in Egypt, corpses were buried in Western China. Preserved by the very dry conditions, these mummies appear to be "Caucasian." The artifacts present an even greater mystery: textiles in vivid colors (especially red and turquoise-blue), twill plaids, felted hats, hats constructed in nalbinding, 5-color kumihimo braids, plaited and plain-weave bands, and tapestries with elaborate spiral and lightning designs. The author takes you on her quest to find out where these people came from in language and logic that will engage your interest as irresistibly as any thriller. Black and white illustrations and 16 color plates.

By: Elizabeth Wayland Barber
ISBN-13: 9780393320190
ISBN-10: 0393320197
Cover: Softcover
Size: 7'' x 9''
Price: $24.95

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