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The Vertical Loom

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The Vertical Loom
Principles and Construction
By Jules Kliot

The diversity of the weaving experience is so vast, that when the author pulls out his glass and peers in on this way of weaving, anyone whose weaving needs can be met by this branch of weave construction will be thoroughly satisfied. This slim book is about how to build and warp a specific style of loom. and how that looms can be used. Navajo, Scandinavian, Asian, all manner of cultures use these principles. This book is a must for the student of weaving. Fully illustrated.

Softcover, 16 pages
7.2 x 0.2 x 8.5 inches
Published 1976
ISBN-13: 9780916896096 
ISBN-10: 0916896099 

Price: $9.00

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