The Weaver's Companion

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The Weaver's Companion

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After you read this one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. This book contains the essentials you need to know about looms, yarn, design, and weaving. It is that handy little book that answers all those nagging questions you have when you are planning a project or answering the question "why in the world do they do it that way?" Some of the definitions are a bit sparse in trying to keep the book compact, but over all it is a handy little book to have in your library.

Full title: Handwoven Magazine Presents The Weaver's Companion
By: Madelyn van der Hoogt
ISBN-13: 9781883010812
ISBN-10: 1883010810
Cover: Spiral Bound
Size: 7'' x 5''

Price: $19.99 Sale $17.99

SKU: 20173