Totally Twill The Basics

Totally Twill The Basics | Weaving DVDs

Totally Twill The Basics

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with Robyn Spady

From its lovely drape to its shaft-thrifty and seemingly endless patterning possibilities, twill is perhaps the most versatile of weave structures. In this 86-minute workshop, master weaver Robyn Spady will show you how to create your own beautiful twill!

In this workshop, you'll learn:
  • How to use the twill circle to design twill patterns
  • How to determine sett and when to use floating selvedges
  • How to use different twill variations, from rosepath and birds-eye to M and W, turned, and fancy twills
  • How to create double-faced cloth using unbalanced twills
  • How to design twill gamps 
Armed with Robyn's clear explanations and helpful weaving tips, you’ll soon be inventing your own unique twill fabrics.

ISBN-13: 9781620337479 

ISBN-10: 1620337479 

Publisher: Interweave Press 

Price: $24.99