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Twill Thrills

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Many new four-shaft weavers are familiar with plain-old twill, blue jean twill, sturdy cloth for garments and furnishings. But nowadays new weavers and advancing weavers have access to multi-shaft looms, some even powered by computers. This has opened up the realm of old straight twill into a "bonkers" world of op-art twills. This collection of articles from Weaver's magazine under the editorship of Madelyn van der Hoogt, lays the foundation for breaking the bounds of the old twill weaves and entering this realm of "network" drafting and opulent multi-shaft twill design. Most of this information is illustrated with projects using the new twill techniques for some stunning garment fabrics and utilitarian textiles. This is a very important package of information, in my opinion, on the most important new direction in weaving loom-controlled and computer-assisted fabric.

Full title: The Best of Weaver's: Twill Thrills
By: Madelyn van der Hoogt
ISBN-13: 9781893762190
ISBN-10: 189376219X
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 108
Size: 9'' x 11''

Price: $28.95

SKU: 21313