VOYAGEUR 24" - 4, 8, 12 or 16s


VOYAGEUR 24" - 4, 8, 12 or 16s

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In 1998 we at Leclerc designed and introduced the totally new concept Voyageur following the demands from the field for an 8s workshop loom with front Levers and easy portability. The loom proved to be an immediate success. Following the initial 8s model, Leclerc followed with a 4s and 12s model. Continuing our policy of leading edge technical design and development, for 2006 Leclerc introduces the 24” 4s, 8s and 12s models with features most favored by handweavers worldwide.
- Leclerc’s time proven micro advance Friction Brake allowing uninterrupted weaving and cloth advance rhythm.
- A full 9 3/4” weaving space from Shafts to Breast Beam providing maximum weave time to cloth advance ratio.
- Solid Canadian Maple Castle and Frame Sides.
- A new and unique compact folding technique In addition we have designed a matching Table with stability and functionality that allows the weaver to focus on weaving. For those who prefer even greater versatility, the Swinging Beater is also available in a Kit. The Beaters can be interchanged in a few minutes.

No. of shafts 4s 8s 12s 16s
Weaving width 24¾" - 60 cm
Quantity of heddles 600
Loom width 28½" (without the crank)
Depth: 4s-26¾"



Height 21"
Net weight: 4s-25 lbs

                     8s-29 lbs

                   12s-33 lbs

                   16s-39 lbs
Dimensions when folded
4s-28.5" w, 11.25" d, 20.5" h
8s-28.5" w, 12.25" d, 20.75 h
12s-28.5" w, 14.5" d, 21" h
16s-28.5" w, 17" d, 22" h

» Stainless Steel Reed, 12 dents/inch
» 1 boat shuttle 6122-0000
» 1 reed and heddle hook 6141-7000
» 2 metal lease sticks
» 10 loop cords for lashing
» Transfer heddle Bars
» Instructions
» Book "Warp and Weave"

Price: Price Varies