Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom

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Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom

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Explore the endless possibilities of the rigid heddle loom as Jane Patrick shows you how to take your loom to its limits! The rigid heddle loom—a simple device with a hard-sounding name—is remarkably versatile and easy to use. It’s great for beginners, but equally great for seasoned weavers who can explore its endless potential while never getting bored. If you’re accustomed to thinking of the rigid heddle loom as a “placemat” loom, be prepared. In this 2-disc set, you’ll see how to use it for all kinds of fabrics—from sturdy little rugs to sheer shawls, from simple plain weaves to complex finger manipulations to doubleweave and beyond. Learn how to:

  *Warp your loom in a matter of minutes
  *Master simple finger manipulations
  *Use a pick-up stick to weave any pattern you choose
  *Use two heddles for fine fabrics and even double cloth
  *Add clever embellishments to your weaving as you go
  *And so much more!

You’ll find simple explanations of dozens of techniques as Jane guides you through a handsome Sampler. Trying the next new thing with this versatile loom is almost addictive. In a good way. Plus, you get printable PDFs of downloadable sampler instructions and “cheat sheets” included with the DVD!

Full title: Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom: How to Get Set Up In a Hurry and Weave Just About Anything You Can Think Of
By: Jane Patrick
Stock#: 25389
ISBN-13: 9781596683730
ISBN-10: 1596683732
Publisher: Interweave Press
Run Time: 139 minutes
Discs: 2
Price: $34.99