Wet Felting

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Wet Felting

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with Sharon Costello

Just take wool, water, and a bit of soap, and you can make instant fabric in any color and shape you can imagine. Make a purse or a hat, slippers or a garment. Embellish with silk or glitz, or make multiple layers of color. Master felter Sharon Costello will get you started on this creative craft.

You'll learn:

    • The best wools for felting
    • How to lay out your cloth and add designs
    • How to create multiple layers with felt resist
    • How to work the felt for the fabric you want 
  • How to make felted details to finish your projects 

With Sharon’s clear instruction, you’ll soon be enjoying the very contemporary design possibilities of this ancient craft.

ISBN-13: 9781620337646 

ISBN-10: 1620337649 

Publisher: Interweave Press 

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