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Woven Textile Design

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Woven Textile Design offers a comprehensive introduction to weaving for all those wishing to design and produce a wide range of fabrics from scratch. Starting with the basics of woven textile design, the book looks at how to draw up and interpret records and notation, before explaining how different types of cloth are constructed. From the most basic of plain weaves, through twill weaves, textured weaves such as seersucker, crepe, and corded cloths to more complicated designs created with extra threads woven in, a wide range of patterns are covered. Illustrated throughout with diagrams, weaving plans, and beautiful examples from contemporary designers, the book also includes tips on using different yarns and colors to create stunning and unique designs. Offering clear, practical advice, this book will show you how to interpret your initial concepts and develop your ideas on the loom.

By: Jan Shenton
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ISBN-13: 9781780673370
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Cover: Softcover
Pages: 224
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Publisher: Chronicle Books
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