In Praise of Simple Cloth

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In Praise of Simple Cloth

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In Praise of Simple Cloth
With Rita Buchanan

What can you learn from someone who spins all day, every day (except during gardening season), and who produces her own handspun shirts, sweaters, blankets, rugs, table linens, bath towels, aprons, even gardening shorts? Short answer: A lot! Rita Buchanan has spent more thoughtful time preparing fiber, spinning yarn, and making fabrics from her handspun than perhaps anyone in the developed world. This is not just mindless handwork; Rita has a keen, analytical mind that she applies consistently to testing, sampling, and record keeping, and she balances this against her pure joy in the process and a deep appreciation for living with handspun cloth. In this set, she shares:

  *Exploring the possibilities of a fiber
  *Matching yarns for a project
  *Spinning and weaving rugs for wall and floor
  *Creating humble household fabrics that create everyday joy
  *Knitting with handspun – and weaving with handspun knitting yarns.

You’ll find pure inspiration and lots of good practical tips.

2 hrs
Interweave Press
Published 2010

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