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Japanese Braiding

With Rodrick Owen 

Kumihimo is a very versatile braiding technique. Rodrick begins by introducing you to yarns, tools and equipment, then reviewing the process for making a braiding stand (Maru Dai) from foamboard, which allows you to get started quickly with very little investment in equipment. You will learn how to read pattern layout diagrams as you prepare four separate warps, each with a different end treatment: tassel end, finger point (blunt) end, braided loop end, and wrapped loop end. You will learn how to read and follow braiding diagrams as you work four different braiding projects: 8-strand spiral braid, 8-strand square braid, 8-strand hollow braid, and 8-strand flat braid. Steaming and finishing techniques are also included. To give you ideas for the many ways braids can be used, Rodrick presents the work of many accomplished international braiders.

1 hr, 55 mins
Yarn Barn of Kansas
Published 1999

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