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Make That Yarn

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Make that Yarn
Reproducing Millspun Yarn†
With Patsy Zawistoski†

Join†master spinner, Patsy Zawistoski, as she teaches you an easy, ingenious method for analyzing commercial yarns and reproducing them with handspinning.

In this 84 minute video workshop, you'll learn:

  • Which millspun yarns you can or canít reproduce with handspinning
  • How to deconstruct a yarn to determine its twist and grist
  • Simple tools for analyzing and recreating yarns
  • Secrets of millspun yarns that you can apply to your handspinning
  • How to reproduce a commercial worsted, one of the most useful and mostchallenging yarns to make

1 hr, 24 mins
Published 2014

Price: $24.99

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