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Navajo Weaving

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Navajo Weaving
Sharing the Technique & Tradition

With Angie Walker Maloney and Susanne Clark 

This comprehensive video workshop begins with personal remarks by Navajo weaver Angie Walker Maloney. It includes information on tools, yarn, and equipment, and a look at several different styles of Navajo looms. You will learn how to spin and ply edging cord, prepare the warp, apply the edging cord, and make the heddles. Tips on how to use the loom, create the sheds, and use the tools get you started. You will weave stripes, vertical lines (by interlocking wefts on the same row), squares or blocks, diagonals and diamonds. You can follow along by weaving the design provided or create one of your own based upon the discussion in "Planning a Rug Design", which includes specific information on weaving a design that reverses at the center of the rug. Many tips and solutions to potential problems are given throughout the video. Angie's method of finishing a rug the Navajo way is magic! 231 minutes.

231 minutes
Yarn Barn of Kansas
Published 2006

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