Leclerc Penelope III 22 1/2"

Leclerc Penelope III 22 1/2

Leclerc Penelope III 22 1/2"

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An excellent loom for beginners and hobbyists who want to learn tapestry techniques. 22" wide tapestry loom, solid frame with 2 beams, ratchets and dogs which allow you to put on quite a long warp. It is solidly built from Canadian maple like all Leclerc looms.

Depth: 9" (24cm)
Height: 29" (74cm)
Width: 29" (74cm)
Weaving width: 22" (57cm)
Shipping weight: 24 lbs (11 kg.)

2 High impact styrene rigid heddle,
6 threads per inch (2.4/cm)
2 flat shuttles 28" (71 cm)
2 metal lease sticks
2 beam sticks with cords
2 warping blocks
6 tapestry bobbins
Instruction and weaving book

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SKU: 2530-0000