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Uniquely Felt

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Dozens of Techniques from Fulling & Shaping to Nuno and Cobweb
By Christine White

In Uniquely Felt, Christine White, a professional teacher and feltmaker, gathers her considerable knowledge of the craft to write the comprehensive guide to all things felt. She describes the equipment, explores concepts and theories of felting, and thoroughly covers all felting techniques, including traditional, needle, three-dimensional seamless, nuno, cobweb, carved, and Beede ball.

And then there are the projects handsome, indestructible bags; nuno shawls that marry soft wool fibers and wispy silks; bright picnic blankets and plush bath mats; lacy curtains made with impossibly sheer cobweb felt. Every project is striking in its fabulous depth of color and purity of form. There are no stitches, no seams, and no signs of woven cloth just a wonderful, flowing piece of textile art. The process always begins the same way, but the fibers make the felting journey unique every time. This book is the ultimate guide to that magical adventure.

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