Ashford Joy 2 w/Sliding Hook Flyer

Ashford Joy 2 w/Sliding Hook Flyer | Portable Travelling Spinning Wheels

Ashford Joy 2 w/Sliding Hook Flyer

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Wheel diameter: 40cm (15 3/4")
Orifice: 1cm (3/8")
Bobbins Capacity: 100gm (3-4oz)
Ratios: 6, 8, 12 & 15:1
Weight: 4.9kg (11 lb)

The Joy Spinner is the solution to portable spinning. You can take this wheel with you wherever you go! The revolutionary design is ultra light weight and folds up to fit inside a carry bag.

And why the name Joy? Named after Joy Ashford, who with her husband Walter, brought spinning wheels to the world. And, of course, because it is such a "Joy" to use!

* Scotch tension
* Four flyer ratios
* Arrives assembled, lacquered, and ready to use
* Built from furniture-grade plywood to be both strong and lightweight

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