Ashford Country Spinner 2

Ashford Country Spinner 2 | Upright Castle Spinning Wheels

Ashford Country Spinner 2

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Wheel diameter: 460mm (18")
Orifice: 23mm (7/8")
Bobbin Capacity: 900gm to 1kg (1 included)
Drive Ratio: 4.0:1
Weight: 6.6kg (14.5lb)

This wheel has been specially designed for spinning thick and bubbly novelty yarns. It is easy to start and treadle. There's no need to ply the yarns, just knit or weave them for wonderful texture and warmth. Knit a chunky jersey or weave a floor rug in no time!

* Extra large orifice
* Large size bobbin
* Comes standard with Double Treadle

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