Harrisville Warping Reel Kit

Harrisville Warping Reel Kit | Warping Boards, Pegs, Frames, Etc

Harrisville Warping Reel Kit

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Harrisville Warping Reel has the capacity to wind up to 20 yards of warp and is completely collapsible for easy storage. It is made of solid hardwood with a butcher-block maple base. Designed for table top use, it is 2 yards around and has 30" of vertical winding space. Three adjustable spreader bars with removable pegs allow for maximum flexibility in the placement of crosses in the warp chain. Harrisville's  reel includes an innovative brake system that creates just the right amount of resistance for easy chaining off

Shipped as a complete kit with easy assembly instructions. Light sanding and oiling are required. Sand paper & oil are provided.

Price: $396.00

SKU: A351