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Spin to Weave

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Spin to Weave
Making Unique Cloth from Your Handspun Yarn
With Sara Lamb

With expertise and enthusiasm, Sara shows the joy and satisfaction of weaving with handspun yarns.

For 20,000 years, weavers have made cloth with handspun, and you can, too.†

Itís the ultimate in textile artistry: creating cloth from fiber to yarn to the finished product. When you spin yarn for weaving, you have complete control over the color, texture, and performance of your fabric.

In this video, Sara Lamb teaches how to create just the right yarn to suit your weaving designs. With this two-hour workshop you will:

  • Learn the properties of a good weaving yarn
  • Discover fiber choices and yarn types for different fabrics and purposes
  • Gain knowledge of production spinning techniques to create lots of yarn quickly and comfortably
  • Discover how to spin for color effects in your weaving
  • Gain tips for weaving with handspun
  • Learn finishing techniques for handspun yarns and fabrics

From fiber to finish, learn to create luxurious cloth from handspun yarn. By mastering spinning techniques, weaving techniques, color, texture and more, you will be creating gorgeous fabric in no time.

Spin to Weave with Sara Lamb is available as a 2-Disc DVD set.

1 hr, 58 mins
Published 2013

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