Spinning the New Fibers

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Spinning the New Fibers

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Spinning the New Fibers
With Patsy Zawistoski

What are you spinning right now? Bet it's not bananas...or steel. But did you know those materials can create some great fiber for spinning? The textile industry is inventing new fibers at an astonishing rate. Many of these are based on recycled waste materials (yep, recycled, which means they are ecofriendly): tofu liquid, banana plants, sugar cane stalks, and more. The results are often finer and softer than their natural counterparts (silk, cashmere, cotton), and gentler on the environment.But even if the idea of "synthetics" makes you itch, you'll want to know about these new offerings - how you can identify them, blend them, dye them, spin them, and use them. Or just toss off fascinating facts for party conversation. Throw this fun trivia out there and everyone will be impressed: "Did you know you can knit mittens out of stainless steel and wool, and wear them while you swipe your smart phone?" They will be even more impressed when you tell them that you can make that stainless steel yarn.

1 hr, 38 mins
Interweave Press
Published 2014

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