The Felting Needle: From Factory to Fantasy

The Felting Needle: From Factory to Fantasy | Needle Felting Books

The Felting Needle: From Factory to Fantasy

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By Ayala Talpai

This small, spiral bound craft book offers a clear cut introduction to the art of felting, from which delightful dolls, needlebooks and decorated eggs and can be created. The book comes with several felting needles (safely ensconced in plastic scabbards in the back), instructions with line drawings for several projects and a couple of pages of resources for wool and other information to help foster the learning process. One whole page is taken up by cautioning the felter to be careful of the very sharp needles, even encouraging the reader to update her tetanus shot! Ayala Talpau gets quite poetic with her thanks ("gratitudes" to "All the elves & faeries, trolls & nature spirits, mermaids & centaurs") and in a note to the reader, ("Dear one, we have become like friends, yes?"). The Felting Needle, with drawings, notes and explanations, is like a letter to a sister rather than an academic craft book.

Spiral Bound Softcover, 64 pages, black and white
ISBN-13: 9780970645302

Price: $22.00

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