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Yarn Pet

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The Yarn Pet™ is different than any other tool out there and is available in three sizes:

-6 3/4" rod with a 3/16" diameter
-8 1/4" rod with a 3/16" diameter
-11 1/4" rod with a 3/16" diameter

It holds your yarn on a small circular disc (platform) that is connected to our 8" tall yarn guide rod. The platform and ball turn freely without the need for ball bearings. With our innovative yarn rod & bearing system, the yarn ball turns so freely that you will never again have to tug your yarn to get it free of the ball. The yarn just rolls off the ball while you knit.

By allowing the knitter to work from the outside of the ball, this results in effort-less and tangle-free knitting.
We then add a tensioning post which is adjustable. The user can adjust the tension on their yarn by turning the post. Our specially designed post is tapered and can be loosened or tightened easily by the user.

But as important as tension is, guidance is even more important in this application. Our yarn guide allows the knitter to pull the yarn off the ball horizontally which is the preferred method for removing yarn from a ball or cone because it does not add or subtract twist from the yarn. Horizontal removal eliminates unintended twisting of the yarn. 

Yarn guidance and yarn tension are critical - they are the two key elements for properly controlling yarn in just about any application. Other products that are out there do not provide either - no guidance and no tensioning system. These are nice "cute" systems but are not up to the same engineering standards that NKK designs its units to. We have learned the hard way about the importance of guidance and tension in the many products that we manufacture.

But what else can the Yarn Pet do for you?
It can hold 7" tall cones of yarn! So you get not only a ball holder but also a tensioned cone holder. The cone will turn freely because of the method we employ for holding the cone on the rod. We have tested cones in excess of 1 Lb.

The Yarn Pet™ is lightweight and measures just 4" wide by 6" deep by 5/8" thick (after you remove the post and rod). These dimensions ensure that the unit will not tip over. Our design counterbalances the weight of the ball or the cone on the back side of the unit by placing more mass to the front side where the yarn guide is located.

The yarn guide post and the stainless steel rod are removable . The platform height can be adjusted to fit any cone or ball. It has special vinyl feet to prevent the unit from sliding on any surface.

NEW - Different length rods

Choose 6-3/4" tall when using normally sized yarn balls up to 50 grams
Choose taller 8-1/4" rod when using large balls and possibly 7" cones
Choose really tall 11-1/4" rod when using really large balls and cones up to 10"

If you are just gong to knit from a standard size ball, then consider the standard 6-3/4" rod. It is less obtrusive because the rod is shorter.

If you occasionally use really large balls or want to use a 7" cone, then consider the 8-1/4" rod.

If you plan to use the Pet with 10" cones you will need the 11-1/4" rod (this will increase the price by $2, however)

Includes: Yarn Pet, tensioner post, 6 3/4" or 8" rod, and a lite version of the Yarn Cone Accessory Kit. Add $2 for the 11 1/4" rod.

What is it made out of and where is it made?

It's made from maple hardwood, and the wood for this product comes from Maine and Canada.
Assembly labor is performed in North Carolina.
Metal products come from Missouri.

Notice: Balls wound at the mill and not by a standard ball winder from a skein, are referred to as mill balls or mill wound yarn. These are long balls and not the conventional cakes of yarn that a ball winder would make. These types of balls will now work on the Yarn Pet or Yarn Pet Duo although we originally thought they would not.

The reason that they did not work originally is that their ends have yarn which wraps around the rod too closely which catches on the rod. We have now discovered that if you raise the wood disc such that the top of the ball is higher than the rod, then there seems to be no problem using the Pet series of products with this type of ball. You should also avoid using the yarn guide post when using these balls. That will allow the yarn to better navigate around the top of the ball and not get tangled.

Because our design allows the user to raise or lower the disc location, we are able to work around this problem.
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