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Yarn Pet Trio

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The Yarn Pet Trio is a yarn ball and cone holder that holds up to three large balls or cones of yarn (8" diameter).
This unit is primarily a cone holder but can also be used to hold three large balls.

The unit will hold three 8" diameter cones or balls of yarn. It measures 20" x  8" x 13/16" thick. Maple hardwood, oil finish.

The Yarn Pet Trio has a a low center of gravity and custom yarn guides. You can pull yarn from the Trio and direct it anywhere that you want once it clears the yarn guide. Our system will not add needless twist to your yarn.

We offer two Yarn Pet Trios:

The Ball Version of the Yarn Pet Trio is designed to hold balls of yarn only. It is the same physical unit as the cone version but does not include all of the rubber stoppers and other items contained in our cone accessory kit which are needed to hold a variety of cones. The rod lengths on this version are 8-1/4" tall. Note this version can hold cones but you will need to purchase a YP Cone kit for each rod position.

The Cone Version of the Yarn Pet Trio includes all of the necessary parts to hold cones on all three rods. The rod lengths on this version are 11-1/4" and then can hold 7 or 10" tall cones or balls of any size. The Cone Version includes an assortment (not shown) of wood discs, rubber stoppers, and other hardware to enable the user to hold virtually any cone securely on the unit.

 The Ball Version comes with 8-1/4" rods and the Cone version comes with 11-1/4" rods for use with 7 or 10" cones.

What is it made out of and where is it made?

It's made from maple hardwood, and the wood for this product comes from Maine and Canada.
Assembly labor is performed in North Carolina.
Metal products come from Missouri.

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