All About Tapestry Bobbins

Part bobbin, part shuttle, tapestry bobbins & bones are used in tapestry weaving. These little tools are for carrying thread in the intricate designs that tapestry weavers dream up. A tapestry bobbin usually has a pointed end (for picking up designs in the warp) a shank for winding the yarn, and a head to keep the yarn from falling off the end. The Aubusson Tapestry Bone is a bit different and looks like a softer, rounder weaving bobbin ... or like a wooden bone. These are used in horizontal weaving so that they can't sneak through the warp and hide out under the weaving. There are a few different styles of tapestry bobbins that change up the size and shape of the different parts.

Swedish Style: These bobbins have a long point that makes picking designs easier than thicker styles.

Gobelin Style: These are based on the bobbins used by the famous tapestry weaving family of France. These are very similar to the Swedish bobbins but are generally larger.

English Style: These are the chunky version of tapestry bobbin. These bobbins hold lots of yarn and because they are larger, can be easier on the hands during extended use.

Image All About Tapestry Bobbins

Swedish Style Tapestry Bobbin

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English Style Tapestry Bobbin

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