Weaving Resources

A little collection of information to help you with your weaving.

  • How to choose the right reed for your project.

  • Learn about the different types of shuttles and what they are best used for.

  • Learn about the difference between different styles of tapestry bobbins.

  • Watch as we demonstrate the many uses of Texsolv cord & heddles (and it's larger cousin, Runlock).

  • Learn about sheds and how different types of looms create them for you.

  • Review the math for figuring warp and weft yarn amounts.

  • How long of a heddle do you need for your loom? How long are the heddles that you have? Covers metal, string, and Texsolv heddles.

  • Learn what the numbers for yarn sizes mean and how to use them to buy enough yarn for your project.

  • Shelter-in-place has many people around the world getting creative with activities you can do at home. If you're tired of watching Netflix or baking, try using this time to pick up a new skill - weaving!

  • Certain looms (including AVLs) are controlled by a device known as a dobby. Isn't that a house elf??